Making products
users want and need

Design Thinking

At the core of all great
design is empathy

Following the steps outlined in the Design Thinking process helps us truly understand the problems users face and create targeted solutions for their needs.

Source: "How to apply a design thinking, HCD, UX or any creative process from scratch.”

Design Thinking Chart Design Thinking Chart
Design Process Discover Illustration
Design Process Step 1


Everything starts
with research

Each project should begin by learning from users. Utilizing a General Problem statement as direction, thorough research studies are planned, orchestrated, and conducted. To fully understand the problem space, gather as much information as possible.


Synthesized insights
direct action

With unstructured research collected, the next step is to synthesize findings into insights. By defining key insights, areas of opportunity will emerge, which will help transform the general problem statement into something specific.

Design Process Define Illustration
Design Process Step 2
Design Process Develop Illustration
Design Process Step 3


Strong ideas build
creative potential

With a Specific Problem statement defined and backed up by research, the next step
is to brainstorm and ideate. At this stage, establishing a strong design vision and consistent testing will guide ideas and help narrow each down to the best solution.


Iteration helps
produce results

With initial prototypes created, tested,
and validated, the next
step is to develop a commercial product to deliver the best solution. By establishing methods for performance tracking, teams can continuously learn about their product
in the wild, helping refine each iteration towards the best viable product.

Design Process Deliver Illustration
Design Process Step 4

It's as simple as that.

Time to start creating!

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